Uberbowl Individual Event

Uberbowl is an individual-based event that takes place in the spring where students play one against all with their peers from across the country, eventually from around the world.

About Uberbowl

Uberbowl is a Mathematics event held in the spring where students play one against all simultaneously, one event for middle school students (6th-8th) and one event for high school students (9th-12th). Although it is an individual-based event, a teacher may sign up an entire team to participate. If that team cannot play on the date chosen for the official event (tentatively scheduled for March 4 or 11, 2017, 1PM ET), it can play on its own at anytime thereafter up to and including May 15, 2017. Final results are updated once that time period expires.

The event follows the 4 quarter structure of the Super Bowl. Each quarter lasts 10 minutes with 3 minute intermissions occurring in between. At the beginning of each quarter, the student may choose an individual opponent to play against, i.e., the best player of the event (which updates in real time), a player of similar ability, a peer, or group of peers. At the end of each quarter, the questions and answers from the previous quarters are displayed for immediate review by the students.

The event includes 12-15 MC and fill-in-the-blank questions aligned with traditional AMC content, AMC 8 for the middle school event and AMC 10/12 for the high school event. Students are not restricted to a specific time length for answering any given question. Students may use calculators.

Event Pricing

Spring 2017 Uberbowl
5 - 10 players
11 - 20 players
21 - 50 players
Unlimited players

Pedagogical Foundation

Uberbowl is newly released to the public. The dream of the event is that one day hundreds of thousands of students, if not millions, will be competing with each other to be best in the world, not just in Math, but in any given subject and every grade level.

With this degree of attendance and notoriety and in conjunction with the upcoming release of our Pick-up Play Lab, this event has the potential to motivate student effort across the entire school year unlike any tool imaginable.